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The System

Smart Light Sensor
Industrial Design

Sunflower Labs believes that home security comes from increased knowledge and awareness of your surroundings. With that premise we helped them design a system of sophisticated wireless sensors that can be placed outside, giving a full view of the home – not just the back door. The Sunflower Home Awareness System is a fresh take on home security that combines smart light sensors and an autonomous flying camera┬áto create a dynamically aware network surrounding your property, identifying any unusual activity. The autonomous quadcopter works in concert with the Smart Lights to swiftly navigate to and stream live video from any area of interest. We designed both the sensors and the quadcopter for Sunflower Labs, a new startup whose motto is Outside Insight.

Many considerations went into the industrial design of the sensors, from unders-tanding user’s perceptions about their homes, to creating a robust housing that can last outdoors. The product is scheduled to launch in late 2017.